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We are very happy with your management & English communication, you are outstanding in issue solving and fast replier, frankly say you are the best plastic mold maker and the molding company I have never met before.
Dongguan Shi, Guangdong  Other Services
55.00 USD $ 4 days ago
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马辅助治疗(或称其为马治疗)已证明有效帮助治疗许多病例,特别是有特殊需要的儿童。 马术治疗是一种革命性的治疗方法,引入了古老的骑术术语和现代适应性,为孩子们带来最有效的结果。 马治疗,心理疗法,马术活动以及其他马辅助疗法的演变,由Dr. Khew博士和他的职业治疗师,物理治疗师,心理学家,行为主义者,特殊需求教育,早期儿童和精神病学家团队共同创立的马术疗法。 马术治疗对于患有自闭症,多动症,唐氏综合症,脑瘫,学习困难和其他特殊需要的儿童非常有用。 Mahsutherapy价格: 4节 - RM3...
Zengcheng Shi, Guangdong  Other Classes & Courses
440.00 CNY 元 7 days ago
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Dapu Xian, Guangdong  Visa & Passport
10.00 USD $ 9 days ago
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Flaunt your style with latest and trendy customized t-shirts online in India @Beyoung with the pocket-friendly price of just Rs 449 with 100% cotton quality. Beyoung is the best Online shopping destination that provides a Hassle-free process to buy C...
Fengshun Xian, Guangdong  Men's Clothing & Accessories
7.00 USD $ 3 months ago
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